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The Salesian Secondary College, Code of Behaviour is currently under review. Please see link - 18 05 30 - Code of Behaviour under review 2017-18.pdf

Salesian Secondary College, Pallaskenry is a private co-educational school under the trusteeship of the Salesians of Don Bosco.

Our school exists to provide opportunities for students to gain skills, knowledge and understanding, and to develop the characteristics appropriate to a member of a Christian Community. With a committed staff, we aim to promote the physical and emotional well-being of students by developing self-esteem, personal responsibility and the ability to interact and work with others. We encourage at all times the co-operation and assistance of the parents/guardians of the student.

A code of behaviour is defined as a set of behaviours, acceptable standards of conduct and principles of best practice which are fundamental to positive and inclusive interaction between students, and between students and school staff.

Students who work hard, try their best and contribute to the ethos and values of the school in any praiseworthy way deserve to be recognised and rewarded. This may be done with words of praise like ‘Excellent work’ or ‘Well done’, or it may be more formal, e.g. direct praise, acknowledgement in Journal or the weekly Tutor News, mention in the Year Book or a letter of congratulations from the Board of Management for an exceptional contribution or achievement.

We continue to encourage students at all times, however students do make mistakes and where students’ behaviour becomes unsatisfactory there is a need for sanctions to register disapproval of unacceptable behaviour. Students respond well to praise and encouragement.

The following sanctions will be used to deal with unacceptable and inappropriate behaviour:

Disciplinary Procedures/Sanctions

1) Normal reprimanding by the class teacher in charge of class or by the teacher present on any other occasion is the general procedure for a single minor incident of misbehaviour. The breach of discipline will be notified to the parents/guardians, or recorded in the student’s School Journal by the teacher for parental attention. This breach of discipline should be acknowledged by parents/guardians by his/her signature in the Journal. The teacher may, additionally, depending on the misbehaviour, relocate the student in class.

2) While the basis of the Code of Behaviour is preventative, if a more serious problem to that arises, then the following series of procedures are undertaken:

If a behavior difficulty arises the Class Teacher writes a Conduct/Incident Report and this Report is signed by the teacher, dated and given to the Year Head.

If a difficulty arises in relation to any other matter, e.g. uniform, school journal, lateness, etc. an Incident Report Form is completed and given to the Year Head.

In the case of a Conduct/Incident Report, the Year Head meets with the student, discusses the behavior problem and outlines to the student a positive attitude and approach in finding a solution to the difficulty.

In the case of an Incident Report, the Year Head or Deputy Principal advises parent/guardian of repeated breach of school policy and sanction is issued.

If the behavior problem persists then the Subject Teacher, Year Head and student meet to discuss the problem and agree on an appropriate solution.

The Year Head may contact parents/guardians by telephone and inform them of the difficulties that have arisen. The Year Head keeps a record of the conversation.

The student maybe placed ‘on report’ for a period of time. This is a form in which each Class Teacher gives a brief account of behavior and work during each class. This is signed daily by class teachers and nightly by parents/guardians, and reviewed weekly by the Year Head. This may be repeated.

If misbehavior continues then parents/guardians are contacted by letter and asked to come to the school. A contract of Appropriate Behavior is drawn up and signed by all parties.

If this is unsuccessful suspension will be considered.


A formal detention system operates every Tuesday and Thursday from 1.30 to 1.55pm in Room 8. Principal, Deputy Principal, Teachers and Year Heads place students on detention for breaches of Code of Behaviour. Parents are notified in advance in the student journal.


Where misbehavior is such that it clearly puts the safety of others at risk, or where the behaviour is so disruptive as to interfere substantially with the constitutional right of others to education, exclusion shall be considered. See Exclusion Policy.

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