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Work Experience Programme

Work Experience Programme

Work Experience Date 2017-18

All TY Students

Week One: 27th November to 1st December 2017
Week Two: 4th to 8th December 2017
Week Three: 23rd April to 27th April 2018

Work experience means exactly that - working in an organisation and experiencing
what it is like to be part of a work environment.

It is very important that a students applies to undertake work experience in an organisation in which they have a genuine interest. This is a highly valuable opportunity to gather information to make a truly informed decision about possible future career paths. It is important that it is not wasted for the sake of convenience or lack of adequate planning and preparation.

Students are expected to secure their own work experience. While it may be useful to secure an introduction through parents/ guardians it very important that the student makes the contact with the company/ business themselves. Submit an appropriate covering letter with an accompanying C.V. Follow up application with an email and a telephone call. When a work experience placement is secured thank the company in writing reconfirming the details. Time, dates, insurance (provided by the school), schedule, Reconfirm these details two weeks and on the Friday prior to beginning work experience.

Before you go on your work experience:
• Learn as much as you can about the company
where you will be working;
• Listen carefully to the briefings from your co-ordinator;
• Contact the company and find out the following
(i) The location of the company.
(ii) The name of the contact person.
(iii) The hours of work.
(iv) Any special rules that apply to the company.
(v) Work out your travel arrangements.
Using this and any other information sourced fill in the appropriate sheets in the TY Journal.

During your work experience
• Dress appropriately for the type of work to
​Always be on time for work;• Have a positive attitude to the work experience;• Listen carefully to all the instructions given to you;
• Carry out all tasks to the best of your ability;
• Keep a daily record of the work you do. Prompt questions are in the TY Journal.

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