Ethos Statement

We, the Teaching Staff at Salesian Secondary College, under the Trusteeship of the Salesian Order, blend the heritage received from Don Bosco (founder of the Salesian Order) and Mary Mazzarello (founder of the Salesian Sisters) with the experience and insights of today, aim to:

  • Promote the holistic development – body, emotions, mind and spirit – of the young people with whom we work.
  • Create happy, spontaneous and welcoming environments in the places in which we work. This will help the young people to feel they belong and are appreciated and valued unconditionally. In such an environment the young people are supported and challenged to devleop their full potential.
  • Provide a leadership which is offered joyfully and willingly. The young people in turn are invited to become leaders and so help others in their growth.
  • Support the young people in the building up of positive and caring relationships with all those involved in their lives; family, peers, educators and all those charged with their welfare.
  • Give due importance to learning, especially to learning for life. In the spirit of Don Bosco’s Preventive Sysem of education we enable young people to understand the reason behind boundaries, rules and requests. The Preventive System of education promotes the active involvement both within and outside the classroom. This presence aspires to being always educative, person-centered and interested and engaged with the young people in our care. This helps them to develop emotionally and to become courageous self-motivated people, capable of making free and responsible choices.
  • Give a central role to Celebration in the lives of the young, whether it be in the form of leisure and enjoyment, of the meaningful marking of special occasions or of religious celebrations. In all of these we celebrate the fact that we are each loved by the Lord.
  • Encourage young people to reach out to the vulnerable and less fortunate in society, to develop an awareness of global issues and to have respect for the environment.
  • Call for a critique of economic, political and social systems that oppress young people and to advocate on their behalf.

We have drawn up these aims, mindful of the need to update and evaluate in the face of ever changing times.

The spirituality underpinning this ethos recognise the importance of the role of Church, of the Sacraments and of Mary. Our works are carried out within a Christian environment where, in an atmosphere of listening, the young people are encouraged to search for meaning and to discover and develop a relationship with God through dialogue ritual and prayer forms suited to their age and culture. This is most aptly expressed within a community context in which parents/ guardians, educators and young people work together to ensure that the total environment is conducive to the good of the young person.


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Our schools mission is to provide the best possible education based on Christian/Catholic values in partnership with parents and within a caring community. This school incorporates the characteristics of Salesian Education as practised by St John Bosco. Read more...

Don Bosco

John Bosco was born on 16th August, 1815, to the east of Turin. From a very early age he decided that he would dedicate his life to helping young people. Read more...

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