1st Year September 2022 – Applications

November 18, 2021

Important Reminder – the deadline for submission of applications for anyone who has a son/daughter who wish to apply for a place in 1st year 2022/2023 is no later than 12.30pm on Monday, 10th January 2022. Applications presented to any secondary school in the Common Application Scheme outside the submission deadline will be accepted but will be marked ‘Late Application’. Late applications will not be included in the normal selection process. They will however be presented for consideration to all the schools listed on the forms with the available capacity at the end of the process. As directed by Limerick Education Centre.

Completed Common Application Scheme (CAS) Application Forms must be sent in to our school office without delay. We are only accepting 120 students in September, last year we had more applications than places, so we want to see how many places we will have after siblings have applied. Application forms are available from the school office or you can download the attached form and print it off. The original form must be sent/handed into the school office, a digital copy of the completed form cannot be accepted.