5k Results

May 18, 2023

Well done to all year groups who took part in our annual school 5km this year. It was a great success again this year and the nice weather was  an added bonus. We had some fantastic athletic performances with very competitive finishing times from both staff and students. Our 6th year students made quite an impression on the starting line with an array of colour and fancy dress. Thank you also to our transition year and LCA students who helped with the smooth running of this event.
Results from 5k 

1st year 


1st place: Colin Kirrane, time 20.13

2nd place: Luke Moore, time 20.25

3rd place: Jack McCarthy, time 20.27



1st place: Aisling Foley, time 25.01

2nd place: Isabelle Fitzgerald, time 25.17

3rd place: Anna Giltenane, time 30.34



2nd year


1st place: Fred Klimas, time 18.56

2nd place: Miguel Azzopardi, time 21.18

3rd place: James Byrnes,time 21.22



1st place: Katelynn O Connor Kelly, time 22.50

2nd place: Molly O Mahoney, time 25.00

3rd place: Roisin Cahill, time 27.45



3rd year


1st place: Joe Fitzgerald, time 18.18

2nd place: Jose Azzopardi, time 18.20

3rd place: Conor Cawley, time 19.00



1st place: Amy Foley, time 21.51

2nd place: Emma Harte, time 26.47

3rd place: Kate O Hanlon, time 29.51


5th year


1st place: Ciarán McMahon, time 20.16

2nd place: Shane Costello, time 20.17

3rd place: Diarmuid Mangan, time 21.40



1st place: Orna Cronin, time 28.39

2nd place: Hazel walsh & Julianna Deegan,         

                     time 43.17

3rd place: Lucja Wojciechowska, time 43.23



6th year


1st place: Patrick Ives, time 21.41

2nd place: Matteo Jeanneau-Zoncada, time      


3rd place: Tome Kearney, time 23.38



1st place: Abbey Fitzgerald, time 35.04

2nd place: Hazel Byrnes, time 43.15

3rd place: Martina Scanlan, time 43.23

Well done to all involved, organisers  and participants. 

The PE department.