Additional Educational Needs

It is our hope that our school is a place where we promote and facilitate a whole school approach to special needs education and so create a community of learning.

In our policy and practice, we aim to nurture the values of hope, compassion and understanding in all of our students. We recognise each pupil as a unique individual with different talents and needs. We endeavour to meet their physical, intellectual and emotional needs through our student focused programmes.

In fostering an atmosphere of learning that is holistic in approach, we nurture each individual student’s personal growth and development. We promote autonomous learning and strive to enable all to achieve their full potential.

We offer an inclusive curriculum, which is relevant, realistic and co-operative, and we do so in active partnership with pupils, parents and staff.


Aims of Additional Educational Needs

The principle aim of Learning Support in Salesian Secondary College is to provide a positive learning environment, which will foster the academic, social and emotional development of students with learning difficulties and to enable each to realise their individual potential.


Learning Support provision also seeks to:

  • Enable students of all abilities to avail of and benefit from an appropriate education.
  • Provide students with consistent opportunities to experience success.
  • Provide supplementary teaching and additional support in literacy and numeracy.
  • Involve parents in the support of their daughter’s/son’s education.
  • Promote collaboration among teachers in the implementation of a whole school policy on learning support for students.
  • Protect and enhance the self-esteem of the learner.