Autism Spectrum Disorder

ASD Den Classes

Salesian Secondary College has two special support classes within its school to cater for students on the Autistic Spectrum who can participate with support in a mainstream school.  Integration of students into mainstream education is the aim of the Den. Although students have their own base room they will, when appropriate to the student’s learning, attend mainstream classes both with and without SNA support.

This social inclusion operates on the understanding that the intellectual ability of students enrolled in either of our Autism classes would be similar to the profile of the population of students attending the mainstream section of the school and the student would have the ability to integrate into mainstream classes according to individual need.

Enrolment is a dual enrolment process and is reserved for students who have successfully enrolled in Salesian Secondary College through the Common Application System (CAS) in the first instance. Once enrolled through the CAS the Special class Admissions Team will review enrolment to the Autism class.


Aims of the Special Class

  • To meet the educational needs of the students.
  • To provide academic support in the areas of literacy and numeracy skills.
  • To support the participation of students in mainstream activities, as appropriate.
  • To enhance the social and communication skills of the students in Salesian Secondary College.
  • To develop organisational skills and strategies to enable the students to cope with everyday life.