Student Council

Objectives of Salesian College Student Council

Representation and Advocacy

  • Empowers students to voice opinions and advocate for their interests.
  • To contribute to the development of school policies.
    Leadership Development:
  • Develops essential skills such as communication, teamwork, and responsibility.
    Event Planning and Coordination:
  • Develops organisational and project management skills while boosting school spirit.
    Communication Skills:
  • Improve public speaking, presentation, and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Enhance communication between students, management, staff and parents.
    Decision-Making Experience:
  • Encourage critical thinking, problem-solving, and consensus-building.
    School Improvement:
  • Contributes to positive changes, bringing fresh ideas and innovation.
    Personal Growth:
  • Builds confidence, facilitates personal development, and self-discovery.
  • To nurture a range of important skills among students, such as participating in meetings, negotiating, responsible leadership and collaborative problem solving.
    Networking Opportunities:
  • Establish connections with peers, teachers, and those outside the school community.
  • Promote friendship and respect among pupils.


Projects may include, but are not limited to areas such as:

  • Charity fundraisers
  • Mental health awareness campaigns
  • Physical improvement of the school
  • Community improvement projects


Student Council elections took place in October 2023. Interested students completed an application form in order to be considered for a place on the council. Successful candidates now attend this year’s student council with representatives from each year group.

The following students were elected to lead the council this year:
Chairperson – Andrew O’Brien, 6th Year
Secretary – Albina Burykina, Transition Year
P.R. – Shane Fitzgerald, Transition Year
Treasurer – Amelia Stokes, Transition Year

Weekly meetings take place every Wednesday with different items being raised and discussed with and in the presence of Mr. Lavan and Mr. D. Ryan.

Fundraisers & Initiatives

Our more recent fundraisers included:

  • 2022/23 The Children’s Grief Centre Bake Sale and Easter Egg Raffle
  • 2023/24 Ronald McDonald House Christmas Movie Day

Our school initiatives included:

  • School Canteen Menu
  • Card Machine in Canteen