Merit Awards

The Don Bosco Merit Award System operates in our school. On a daily basis teachers record positive behaviour according to our school-wide expectations. At the end of each month a male and female student are chosen from each year group and are awarded The Don Bosco Student of the Month Award.


Don Bosco Commendations

Praise and celebration are central to the Salesian ethos.  Over three sessions, at Halloween, the February midterm break and the May bank holiday, the Class Tutor and Year Heads identify students from each class who have shown positive behaviours which our school wishes to promote.

Tutors fill out a Don Bosco Commendation for the chosen students(s) and return it to the Year Head.  Commendations will be sent home by post, addressed jointly to the student and his/her parents.

We hope parents/ guardians will be proud of their child’s Commendation, join with us in celebration, and appreciate the way in which the school celebrates and promotes their positive behaviour.

Here are some possible reasons for this Don Bosco Commendation:

The Student –
• Was considerate and generous to peers
• Exercised a great degree of self-discipline
• Responded with sensitivity to the needs of others
• Displayed sound leadership qualities
• Showed exceptional Salesian spirit
• Has greatly improved behaviour
• Showed an outstanding example of good behaviour
• Was a great team player
• Set targets and stuck to academic or personal goals
• Shows sustained effort to improve academic work
• Completed an outstanding project/ exercise/ task
• Gave outstanding presentation work
• Was always ready to help
• Showed resilience and courage
• Shows Reason, Faith or Loving Kindness