Attendance – Important Information

August 30, 2022

Dear Parent/Guardian,


Dear Parents / Guardians,


We have yet to receive a lot of notes from parents for student absences this week.


Please update VS Ware as soon as possible to ensure that our records are correct.


It is very important that if you son/daughter are currently absent that you update the app.


If you son/daughter must leave school early these absent requests have to be submitted by you before the start of the school day so that their teacher knows that your son/daughter have permission to leave school early.


Following our reminder last week, we hope you were able to successfully download the VSWare app and log into the app. 


In line with the Education (Welfare) Act 2000, parents/guardians are required to submit an absence note to school when their child is absent.  The only approved way of submitting an absence note to our school is through the VSWare app. E-mails or phone calls to Years Heads, Senior Management or the school secretary do not count as an absence note and you will be contacted where absence notes are not received. Also as per school policy for many years, students are not permitted to ring home themselves and arrange to be collected during the school day, this must be done through the Principal or Deputy Principals. 


Below, we have created a video for you with instructions on how to submit absence notes for your child should they be absent, late to school or need to leave school early. Notes should be submitted before 9am.  Once a note has been approved by the school you will receive a notification telling you this.  Occasionally we may have to “Reject” notes due to incorrect dates or times given or the 24 hour clock not used correctly, but an explanatory reason will be given letting you know why the note wasn’t accepted. We do not expect you to include a lot of detail in the note, a general explanation is all that is required. 


We hope you will find this information beneficial. Should you have any queries regarding absence notes or have any issues with VSWare, please email  


Video Link:



Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Ceara Scally

Attendance Co-Ordinator