Covid Advice – Important Please Read

January 10, 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians & Students,

If you live with someone who is restricting their movements, you do not need to restrict your movements as long as they:

·        did not get a positive antigen test result

·        are waiting on PCR results

·        do not have any symptoms of COVID-19

If they do have symptoms or got a positive antigen test result, or are waiting on PCR results you need to restrict your movements.

Restricted movements (stay at home)

When there’s a chance you may have COVID-19 (coronavirus), restricting your movements helps to stop the spread of the virus.

It means staying at home as much as possible to avoid contact with other people. You can spread the virus even if you do not have symptoms.


How long you need to restrict your movements

For advice on when to restrict movements and how long to do it visit:

” target=”_blank” title=””>”>”>If you are a close contact of COVID-19

” target=”_blank” title=””>”>”>If your child is a close contact of COVID-19


How to restrict your movements

Avoid social situations and contact with other people as much as you can. Stay at home or in your accommodation as much as possible.

You can still go outside to exercise by yourself as long as you keep 2 metres away from other people.


·       do not go to school or college

·       do not go to work, unless you work on your own and can completely avoid other people

·       do not go to a vaccination appointment – reply to your text with the word ‘New’ or reschedule

·       do not use public transport

·       do not have visitors at your home

·       do not visit others, even if you usually care for them

·       do not go to the shops or pharmacy – shop online or ask family or friends to help

·       do not drop off or collect your children from school – if you have to go, avoid other people and stay in your car

·       do not go to gatherings such as weddings or funerals

·       do not meet face-to-face with ” target=”_blank” title=””>”>”>people at high-risk from COVID-19


Please visit” target=”_blank” title=””>”>”> for any other Covid queries.