Don’t leave your helmet at home!

September 30, 2022

Dear Parents / Guardian and Students,
The “no helmet, no hurling” message that went out last week had an immediate effect on the school. Thank you for taking this safety message so seriously.
However, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t stop hurling. We are a hurling school in a hurling county. We have fabulous boys’ and girls’ teams at senior level and coming through the different age groups and we have new 1st years who are talented and enthusiastic to play for the school and with eachother. 
So, students, please bring your helmet and play. And, parents / guardians, please remind your son or daughter to put their name on the inside of the helmet, and to tag it on to the bas, as they come into school.Team players, you can set a good example to the rest of the school by continuing to wear your helmet on the pitches (thank you!) and following through on this on the new alleys also. 
I am looking into creating storage space for students who are worried about their helmet going missing. 
We want to keep everyone safe….we have a better chance of silverware and happy spectators when everyone is injury free and available for play! 
Best wishes,
Ms. Morgan-O’Brien.