Happy New Year

January 4, 2022

Dear Parents / Guardians and Students, 


Happy New Year to each of you and to your loved ones. I hope Christmas was kind to you and that those of you who were self isolating or restricting movements are happy and healthy. 


I have no word from DES about how our reopening is to go. As soon as I do,  and if it is radically different from a normal term start, I’ll be in touch. 


Otherwise,  welcome back to school on Thursday. Please recommit to all the Covid protocols and be ultra- strict about masks, hand sanitising,  distancing in the classroom around the school.


Students, I urge you to keep 2m from your peers, in order to mind yourselves in the classroom and at break times. Absence is likely to be a huge challenge for us all and I want us all to do all we can to stay safe. 


Parents, please continue to notify us of absence through VSWare and,  please,  do NOT allow your child to attend school if symptomatic of Covid or with a positive antigen test.


Best wishes to all for 2022. 




Ms. Morgan-O’Brien.