History Making at Salesian Secondary College

September 15, 2022


History Making at Salesian Secondary College.


In March 2020, the staff of Salesian Secondary College set about planning the implementation of the College’s first ever Leaving Certificate Applied Programme. We did this because we know that LC is not a “one size fits all” model and that, if we were to remain true to our Salesian ethos, it was time to offer this modern, progressive style of LC , to add to existing LC provision in the school.


The students who were chosen to be our flag-bearers were asked to do one thing: to represent us and the programme with integrity. In doing this, they turned up, worked hard, asked their questions, faced their challenges, enjoyed their fun and chipped away at any doubts they might have had heading into LC. They did this together; hitting the inevitable ups and downs of their age group with decency and friendship.


The result? This amazing group of young people graduated from Salesian Secondary College with an ability to assert themselves and to believe in themselves and to contribute and achieve at the highest level. On their Graduation Night, we knew that they were about to do something special. What we got was nothing short of extraordinary.

8 students. 8 Distinctions. 8 clear pathways to further education and the workplace. 8 bright futures.


Ladies and Gentlemen, the history making LCA Class of 2022.


Chris, Evan, Mirielle, Tracy, Kelly, John, Jack and Samantha,, you have set the bar high for us, as teachers, and for students who will follow you. We are so proud of you and of the LCA programme you helped us to create in our school.


Thank you for what you have done and congratulations to you and your exceptional group of teachers and mentors.