Information – Book Grant 2023/2024

May 12, 2023


Book Grant Application Form 2023/2024


NEW SYSTEM – Please Read Carefully 



School Books Grant Scheme for Needy Pupils Application Form 2023/2024


Please note, students going into Transition Year, LCA1 and LCA2 are exempt from applying to the Book Grant Scheme as they are not required to get books.


Please read the attached Circular 0023/2008 for this Scheme and complete the Application Form if eligible in the Consent Section of the school app. 




We WILL NOT be issuing vouchers by email this year.  We will be issuing Digital Vouchers directly through the school app.  We have moved to operating the Book Grant Scheme through the School App and Unique Communications (App Developers) will forward you instructions directly on how the process works at a later date. 


Your DIGITAL VOUCHER will issue directly through the school app and will appear on the School App, in your Shop at the end of June/July.  The DIGITAL VOUCHER is for use only through the App via Tony Clarke Limited (instructions will issue at a later date).  Voucher amount will be taken off the cost of books and you pay the balance.   As advised, books will need to be bought from Tony Clarkes Limited via the School App.  DIGITAL VOUCHERS will expire on the 31st December 2023.  If you have any queries in this regard, please contact Unique Communications directly.


Book Lists will issue in June 2023 and will be available on the school app in the Notifications Section and also in the Shop Section of the app under the Book List tab.



Please complete this Book Grant Application Form in the Consent Section of the School app only no later than Friday, 9th June 2023.