IMPORTANT REMINDER – Junior Certificate 2023 – RESULTS

October 11, 2023


Dear JC Class of 2023 and Parents / Guardians, 


After a long wait, your Junior Cert results will be given out in school on Wednesday, 18th October in school.  I know that you have waited somewhat nervously for the hard work of your Junior Cycle to be rewarded. Well done to all for your patience.


On Wednesday, TY students will be in “Back to the 80’s” rehearsals from 9-1.15pm. Classes for 5th Years will be as normal. 


At 1pm, we will serve a celebration pizza lunch to you, our JC 2023 class, in Savio House. Your results certificates will be distributed at 2pm. 


Students may be collected by a parent / guardian at 2.30, but only if signed out by a parent / guardian through VSWare and accompanied by an adult with collection rights. If leaving school with a classmate, please indicate the adult with collection rights on that day in your VSWare absence note. I suggest planning this over the weekend and getting your absence note in early to avoid confusion on Wednesday. For the welfare of all concerned, students will not be allowed to leave school without these permissions established clearly in advance.


Buses will run as normal for those who wish to stay until the end of the day.


I hope that you will celebrate safely and appropriately with family and friends. Class will run as normal for all on Thursday.



Kind regards,


Mike Lavan