Mindful Monday

February 1, 2021

Mindfulness has been around for a long time but lately it seems that everyone is practicing it or talking about it. The benefits are huge.

Mental Health
Positive Emotions
Why not give it a try this week, maybe during lunchtime, after school or just before you relax for the night.

Simple Mindful Techniques include
Positivity and Happiness
• We live in an age of stress
• 77% of people believe the world is a frightening place and there has been a rise in anxiety related issues
• We have seen a rise of 800,000 people with anxiety between 1993 and 2007
• 1 in 6 people suffer with mental health
• Mindfulness can form new neural pathways in the brain to help us cope with mental health difficulties.

Steps to Positivity and Happiness
• Be open – during your morning walk or weekday activities don’t think about things you have to do. Instead embrace what’s around you.

• Create high quality relationship’s
Be present and attentive
Show support and be helpful
Demonstrate trust
Spend time with people

• . Acts of Random Kindness

• Develop Healthy distractions to break the grip of the negative.

Meditation –
Today’s Mediation is Loving Kindness. A very Relaxing Meditation that demonstrates the power of Love and Gratitude.

Mindful Story
Today’s Mindfulness story is actually a poem about the pandemic.
When this is all over
And sanity’s restored
Don’t take life for granted
As we did before.
When this is all over
The clouds will all clear
Take hold of your loved ones
Hug and hold them near.
When this is all over
We’ll hear the birds sing
Listen to melodies
The Joy that they bring.
When this is all over
And children can play
Let them wild and free
To make up for lost days.
When this is all over
Remember the brave
Who wore scrubs and gowns
And the countless they saved.

Enjoy Mindful Monday

Kind Regards
The Wellbeing & Student Services Departments