New School Year 22/23

August 26, 2022

Dear Parents / Guardians and students,
We are very excited to see you all return next week.
1st Years, you will be with us from 9-3.20 next Wednesday, 31st August. Our TY mentors spent yesterday preparing for your arrival. They will take good care of you. Don’t worry about bringing in all your books: just pack a pen and a smile and we’ll see you right. You will be brought through your timetable on Wednesday, so you can plan when to bring in your books after that.
3rd and 6th Years, you are in on Monday, 29th August – full school day.
2nd, TY and 5th Years, you are in on Tuesday, 30th August – full school day.
Thursday is a full school day 9 to 4pm for all year groups.
There will be canteen facilities next week; payment is on a “pay as you go” basis.
Looking forward to seeing you all.
Ms. Morgan-O’Brien.