Reminder – School Uniform Policy

August 28, 2023

Dear Parent / Guardian & Student,


Below is an extract from our School Uniform Policy (which is also attached).




Student Uniform

 A plain (not pinstriped), light blue, collared blouse / shirt is compulsory. Short sleeved items

are permissible.

The Navy V-neck jumper with Salesian Crest is compulsory from September 2023 for 1st to 5th

years, inclusive. This is optional for 6th Years. The jumper is compulsory for formal events for

all students.

The shirt / blouse must be worn under the half zip, if worn. Buttons should be closed.

 Grey trousers OR navy pleated skirt with royal blue pinstripe are compulsory.

 Flat black, navy or brown school shoes with leather uppers. Boots, Uggs, sandals, runners or

canvas shoes are not permitted.

 Dark coloured socks or dark coloured opaque tights or leggings. Tracksuits, leggings, coloured

socks or pyjamas are not permitted.

 An official, navy school crested jacket is the only jacket allowed to be worn to, from and in

school. This jacket should be worn when students leave home in the morning. No other jacket,

hoodie, half zip, sweatshirt etc. is permitted, either above or beneath the school jumper or

school half zip. Jackets of different weights are available.

 Gloves, hats and scarves may be worn but must be plain navy with no pattern or other colour.

Gloves and hats must be removed when in the classroom.

 Grey / white t-shirts or vests may be worn under the blouse or shirt.

 A hijab or dastār , if worn, should be grey, black or navy.

 As a Faith School, certain other items of religious expression are also permitted; please notify

the Principal in advance.



 Facial jewellery (including eyebrow, lip, tongue, neck piercings) are not permitted.

 A single, discrete stud (not a ring) may be worn in the nose.

 A pair of stud earrings is permitted, one in each ear. Spacers, bars, chains etc. are not


 Oversized jewellery of any kind is not permitted (earrings, rings, bracelets, bangles, neckware)

 Piercings which are not permitted by the School Uniform Policy must be removed during

school hours, according to policy and /or a teacher’s request. A covering plaster is inadequate.

 It is strongly advised that other body piercings are not worn during school hours, for health

and safety reasons.

 Insignia which implies membership of a particular organisation or movement, to the exclusion

of others, is not permitted

Jewellery items MUST be removed for PE and games. The school reserves the right to request removal

of such items, according to its Code of Behaviour.


PE Uniform 

PE Uniform – to be worn for PE classes, matches and training or when specified by teachers

PE uniform items are compulsory for PE, games and sport.

From September 2022, as a direct response to requests from students for more comfortable and up

to date uniform items, an increased number of options will be available to students and players for

PE, training and matches.

School crested track ends, leggings, shorts, T shirt, training top, half zip and skort may be worn,

according to individual preference, for PE and extra-curricular activities, or for leisure wear at home.

Students may not wear any part of the PE uniform to class (except for the half-zip for 6th Years only.).

Students may not combine elements of the PE uniform with the school uniform.