School Books Grant Scheme for Needy Pupils Application Form 2022/2023

May 16, 2022

School Books Grant Scheme for Needy Pupils Application Form 2022/2023


Having read the Guidelines for this Scheme Circular 0023/2008 (attached).


To apply to Salesian Secondary College for the Book Grant Scheme for Needy Pupils for the school year 2022/2023.  Please go to the Consent Section of the School app.



Please note as with last year, if your application is successful, you will receive the Book Voucher by email. You will not receive the Email Voucher until later in the summer as the Department of Education and Science normally does not issue grant funds to us until late June. Once we receive same we will divide this grant money based on the applications we receive.  Due to increased demand on a limited amount of money provided by the Department of Education the grant available will be calculated according to attendance during the 21/22 school year.


Please also note you will receive information with your emailed voucher later in the summer on the procedure to follow to order books, example – you will be required to forward your Email Voucher together with your book order to Tony Clarkes Limited (we will provide email address in due course). Students transferring into TY do not need to apply for this book grant as no books are required.


Book lists will issue in June.


Please complete the application in the Consent Section of the app.  Deadline for submission of this application is Friday, 10th June 2022.