St. Vincent de Paul Food Drive and Bake Sale

December 15, 2022

The Student Council were eager to help in the fundraising efforts for St. Vincent de Paul and so are engaged in two activities:


Food drive/ collection

Friday morning, student council members will be at the school shop in the central area collecting perishable items (tinned foods, rice, pasta, cereals etc) from 8.45-8.55am. 


 (1) encourage your classes to donate and

 (2) have a look in your presses and feel free to drop in any items you may have and wish to donate also, thanks. Even one item from every member of the school community will make a huge collective difference.


Bake Sale:

Baked goods will be on sale in the central area at small break on Friday. Contributions/ donations and purchases are very welcome!


Many thanks,


The Students Council