Tutor News – 07/12/20 – Week 14

December 7, 2020

TUTOR NEWS – Monday, 7th December 2020 (Week 14)

Tutor News will be emailed to all students, parents and teachers. Teachers will read out Tutor News at 11.55am on a Monday (Tuesday for a bank holiday weekend) to their 1st Year classes only. Class Tutors will sign journals during their class time.

Thought of the Week – “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.” — A.A Milne

GENERAL – Please read out to ALL students

 Important Information – Application forms for students who wish to apply for a place in 1st Year 2021/2022 are available for collection at the school office. Deadline for submission of applications is 12.30pm on Monday, 11th January 2021. You can view our Virtual Open Night on the School App, Facebook or the school website.

 Student Council meeting will take place in the Hall on Wednesday, 9th December from 1.15-1.35pm. All Class Reps are asked to attend. Many thanks, Ms. Keane and Ms. Hogan

 Young SVP meeting Tuesday @1.40 in Savio House for seniors and Wednesday @ 1.35 in Room 6 for juniors. All members please attend. M.Kelly

 Young SVP are running a Super Christmas Raffle in aid of the local branch of St. Vincent de Paul. One line of tickets costs €1 and 3 lines cost €2. We have a fantastic variety of prizes on offer. Please log on to the school facebook page to see some of the prizes on offer. Tickets will be available for sale from Tuesday 8th December until Thursday 17th December. The raffle will be held on 17th December.

 Mini school tuck shops will open for all students from today in separate locations for each year group around the school for. Students are not allowed to go to the shop in any other zone other than the one for your year group.

Shop Zones:
1st Years in the Shop
2nd Years outside Room 17
3rd Years outside Home Ec Room
Transition Years in Room 16
5th Years in Sports Hall
6th Years in PP5

Shop Rules:
 Due to Covid and Hygiene reasons change cannot be given so please have exact money ready.
 Social distancing rules apply when queuing for the shop.
 Each student in each zone is responsible for the litter in their area. The shop will be close if there is too much litter. Please use the bins provided.
 Students are not allowed to go to the shop in any other zone other than the one for your year group.

Price list
Freddo Bar – 40c
Haribos – 50c
Curly Wurly – 50c
Crisps – €1
Chocolate Bars – €1
Mints – €1
Water – €1

Wellbeing News

• The Advent Altar is now set up on the central area across from Karen’s office. Your RE teacher will take classes to visit and you can also use this space for reflection time of you so wish. We ask you to respect the Altar and treat it with Care.

• Tuesday 8th December All 6th year students will go on a wellbeing walk from 2.40 to 4.00

• First Year Wellbeing Day : Thursday 10th December 9 – 11.40
Class Ita – Religion Room
Class Francis – Library
Class Brid – Study Hall.

• First Year Wellbeing Day Wednesday 16th December 9 – 11.40
Class Kevin – Religion Room
Class Patrick – Library

• Can any students who are to Care Homes during the month of December give your letter to your SPHE teacher to post or post off yourself with care homes free post written in the envelope. The Christmas rush of post could delay your letter getting there.

• All TY girls will have Breast Awareness Talks on Jan 27th
9.40 Savio and Mazzerello. Religion Room ( TY boys from these classes go to room 10)
10.20 Magone and Bosco. Room 9 (TY boys go to Pp6)

• Lock down has been extremely hard on people and particularly those who may come from difficult backgrounds. The HSE has sent an updated version of services available to children, teenagers and adults.
• Childline 1800 666666
• Belong to, text 0861800280
• Jigsaw 1800 544729
• Barnados 01 4732110
• Spunout 086 1800 280
• ALONE 0818 222 024
• Alzheimers Society of Ireland 1800 341 341
• Grow Mental Health 1890 474 474
• Senior line 1800 804 591
• Mindshift (App)
• Head space (App)
• Clearfear (App)
• HSE Eating Disorder App
• Further details available on HSE. Ie

Transition Year


Bosco- Tuesday 1.15 to 4

Mazzarello- Thursday 1.15 to 4

School tracksuit or school uniform ONLY

Bring 3euro in change for golf balls.