Tutor News – 16/11/20 – Week 11

November 16, 2020

TUTOR NEWS – Monday, 16th November 2020 (Week 11)

Tutor News will be emailed to all students, parents and teachers. Teachers will read out Tutor News at 11.55am on a Monday (Tuesday for a bank holiday weekend) to their 1st Year classes only. Class Tutors will sign journals during their class time.

Thought of the Week – “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” – Zig Ziglar

GENERAL – Please read out to ALL students

 Students are reminded that the students MUST wear masks on the school bus and at all times when indoors in school.

 Visitors to the school during the day should be by prior arrangement with the Principal through the school office. Parents / Guardians, contractors and visitors should enter only by the main door at Reception. Sign in and temperature checks are required for all visitors. The side door is not for use EXCEPT BY STUDENTS.

 Application forms for students who wish to apply for a place in 1st Year 2021/2022 are available for collection at the school office. Deadline for submission of applications is 12.30pm on Monday, 11th January 2021. You can view our Virtual Open Night on the School App, Facebook or the school website.

 Uniform Update – Please see note on the school app regarding the relaxation of the school uniform policy where students are allowed wear an additional jacket. NO HOODIES!!!!! Plus information about What Stays the Same and What Changes (for the moment).

 Litter – Please use classroom bins and bins inside and outside the school. There should be no excuse for litter.

 Loose books left lying around will be removed. Please use the bag shelves if necessary. Window sills and benches should not be used for storing lunch boxes and lunch bags, jackets or books.

 Science Competition! – BD Sciences which have a research and development centre in Castletroy are running a science competition for second level students to submit a 5 minute video regarding a chosen science project under the theme of “identifying a problem in healthcare and how you would go about solving it advancing the world of health”. If you have an idea and would be interested in entering either individually or as a group please email Mr. O’Flynn. See https://emea.jobs.bd.com/bd-stem-stars for more details on this fantastic competition.

Wellbeing News

• During the month of November, your Religion teacher will take you to visit the November Altar. Please bring your own pen with you to write the names of your deceased relatives and friends. They will be prayed for during the month of November.
• All TY Classes are invited to join the new An Post initiative – writing to residents in Care Homes. As you are aware, under level 5 restrictions, no visitors are permitted into Care homes, so getting a letter in the post or a picture could brighten up someone’s day. Further details will be given to you from your SPHE teachers.
• First Year Students, please ensure you have your Wellbeing Survey filled out by this Friday.

1st Years

With the restrictions that are upon us, unfortunately we are not able to run Parent Teacher meetings in the traditional way at present. With regret, these scheduled meetings are therefore cancelled (1st Year on 12th November). However, it is important that we make alternative arrangements for the exchange of information between teacher and parent / guardian, so that we can continue to work together for your child. Accordingly, I will host a Zoom meeting for the parents / guardians of 1st Year this Thursday, 19th November. A zoom invitation was emailed to all parents on Friday and is also available on the school app.

Transition Year

Driving lessons Monday

Driving lessons Thursday and Friday

Any student that applied for the VIP programme please check your email. I will meet with you on Monday.