Wellbeing Guidelines

January 11, 2021

Wellbeing Guidelines

Welcome back everyone. The circumstances are a bit different but we will do our best to get through it.

Remember teachers, tutors and year heads are here to help you. If any issues should arise which you would like to discuss, please contact a member of the Pastoral Care team.

Remember routine is very important so we would like full attendance throughout this closure. If people are having connection problems, let us know please.

Ways to cope during Lockdown
• Coping with Change : it’s hard and it’s strange but remember you have people around you, ready and willing to help.
• Get off the Worry Train : there is no point worrying about things we can’t control. This train thought is a hard thing to kick but find ways of distracting yourself.
• Don’t predict the future : No one can so don’t even try.
• Nurture your Friendships: Stay in touch, write a letter, keep a journal.

Continue to
• Keep your distance
• Wear a face covering
• Wash your hands
• Cover coughs and sneezes
• Self isolate if you have symptoms
• Take a break from the news.

I am attaching a couple of useful links here for coping strategies and helping teenagers during Lockdown.


As always All members of the Wellbeing Team are here to help. Please contact
rachelmeehan@salesiancollege.ie for any assistance.