Work out Wednesday 24th Feb

February 24, 2021

Hello Everyone and Welcome to Work out Wednesday. Remember maintaining Physical Fitness improves Congnitive Function and your overall body health.

Being Physically Active particularly during lockdown is extremely important.
● Improve your memory and brain function (all age groups).
● Protect against many chronic diseases.
● Aid in weight management.
● Lower blood pressure and improve heart health.
● Improve your quality of sleep.
● Reduce feelings of anxiety and depression.
● Combat cancer-related fatigue.
● Improve joint pain and stiffness.

We all know its important to improve the amount of physical activity we do each week. Thanks to the Wonderful pallet provided by the PE department we are going to be recommending one activity each week that we would like you to try.

The Link for this week’s activity is below. So come, lets get moving.

This week activity is a full body workout. No equipment needed.

We Hope you enjoy

Kind Regards
The Wellbeing/Student Services /PE Departments