Workshop Information

March 2, 2023

Dear Parent / Guardian,


Please see below email reccived today from the HSE Primary Care Child & Family Psychology Service which may be of insterest to you.


Dear Parent/Guardian,

The next parenting workshop of our series will be delivered on Thursday the 16th  of March from 10-11.30am. The title of this workshop is “Body Image & Adolescents: How To Support Teens”. This workshop is for parents seeking information and support in relation to body image and adolescents. 

We are  continuing to deliver all of the upcoming parenting workshops online. Registration via phone is necessary to attend the workshop as we will be required to send an invitation link to each participant via email in advance of the workshop. Registration will close on March 14th at 10am.

The online parenting workshop will also be accompanied by a subsequent Parent Support Clinic (PSC). The PSC consists of a 45 minute consult with a Psychologist during which parents can seek bespoke advice related to the topic of the workshop. There is limited availability for the PSC hence registration is essential and the PSC is open only to participants that have attended the parenting workshop. The PSC will also be conducted via an online platform.

Please find poster attached advertising “Body Image & Adolescents: How To Support Teens workshop.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact Angelika Trebicka, Assistant Psychologist on 061-461791.

Kind Regards,

Primary Care Child and Family Psychology Service